Instructions for use Dietonus

The characteristics of the use of capsules Dietonus

The method of application Dietonus

In addition to the high performance, capsules slimming Dietonus different, and the simplicity of the application. All the people who wanted to order this tool, choose for you the best graphics of reception, taking account of the mode of life and a means of power.

To get the maximum effect, the manufacturers recommend comply with this order of taking a drug:

  • the white part of the capsule is worth taking from 8 to 11 o'clock in the morning during breakfast;
  • capsules red it is advisable to consume 12 to 15 hours (during the meal break);
  • blue capsule you need to drink 17 to 20 hours for dinner.

The duration of the therapeutic course of taking the medication and 1 month. If necessary, you can repeat the course, doing 2-3 weeks of break.

Dietonus has a natural composition, therefore, the experts do not contain any counter-indications and side effects. The only constraint is an individual intolerance of the ingredients of the composition. Pregnant women and lactating mothers is held with the utmost care-take capsules. To do this, before the current of reception is necessary to go to the pre-consultation at the doctor (nutritionist, endocrinologist).

If you combine the consumption of capsules Dietonus with exercise in the gym and a special diet, it is possible to achieve high results. The manufacturer claims that for 1 month even without much effort, a person can lose 10 pounds. But these indicators relate only to persons with a too large mass of body (over 100 kg). If the weight is not more than 90 kg, the weight loss will be a little worse, but still light. And it is rather the dignity of capsules Dietonusas a drawback, in fact, the criticism of the weight loss harmful effects on the human organism, as a kind of stress. This is why a natural way of weight loss is more reasonable.